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Tron Listing on McAfeeDex Delayed Due to Couple of Bugs

SEC Cannot Shut Down My Exchange – John McAfee

John McAfee recently launched his own decentralized exchange called McAfeeDex. It is based on the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain, therefore it will never cease to exist. Also, government agencies will not be able to apply sanctions against the decentralized crypto exchange. According to plans announced by John McAfee, EOS, BNB, and NEO tokens will be added to the listing by 2020.

Earlier this month, McAfee announced the support of Tron on his platform on November 8. However, this date has passed, but TRC10 and TRC20 tokens are still not traded on the platform.

Last night, the McAfeeDex team posted on Twitter that they delayed the listing of Tron due to a couple of bugs in the system:

“In the process of deploying from test net to the main net on TRON, we ran into a couple of bugs with order signing. We are fixing them and will deploy asap.”

The team apologized for the delay and promised that the token will be added to the platform soon.

At the press time, no updates have been issued concerning the listing. Apparently, the developers are still solving the problem with integration.

Safety First Around Crypto Exchanges

John McAfee is a famous person in the crypto community. For more than a decade, he has been the leader of the anarchists and is considered a Bitcoin maximalist at the earliest stages of cryptocurrency creation. His predictions, the last of which foretells $ 2 million worth of BTC, indicates his certainly bullish mood.

McAfee views Bitcoin as a tool for the store of value, and other types of digital assets such as stablecoins and privacy coins are more suitable for transactions. According to the expert, the main crypto also suffers in privacy due to the public blockchain.

The eccentric McAfee has always spoken out critically on centralized exchanges and how lawmakers and politicians monitor thousands of people around the world who use the services of Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc.

There are currently hundreds of exchanges operating on the cryptocurrency market. At some sites, many little-known coins are represented, at others, mostly the most liquid assets are traded. Some exchanges thrive, while others barely make ends meet and eventually drop out of the game.

Obviously, the competition between the platforms is getting tougher, and there is an ambiguous influence on the part of regulators. The market is transforming, previous business models are losing efficiency, and the entry threshold to the exchange sector for new participants is growing.

However, this is not a reason to launch new services without a thorough testing of products. Therefore, when the developers of McAfeeDex found bugs, they postponed the listing and did it right. The most important thing for a business to exist is to have a strong product.

What is a normal, upscale crypto exchange? This is principally the technical part and monitoring at all levels. For example, someone got into the system, got some tokens and exhibit abnormal activity. This way such an account is immediately blocked, the output too. If the threat is at the maximum level, then trading is blocked. But blocking orders is an extreme step.

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