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Tron Partners First Hybrid Decentralized Exchange, Reduces Hack Risk

Today marks the last day in October, and Tron (TRX) blockchain technology aims to end the month beautifully, initiating a partnership that will help reduced the risk of being hacked when trading with the native coin of the Cryptocurrency, TRX.

Tron today announced that it has collaborated with JOYSO, and the partnership will feature the creation of a hybrid decentralized exchange, built for Tron network.

Known as the first hybrid decentralized exchange, JOYSO, while upholding efficiency and security as a priority, offers low and effective trade cost with off-chain corresponding and on-chain settlement of real time trading system.

According to a release which disclosed the information explicitly, the new exchange will help enhance Tron (TRX) blockchain sustainability and at the same time serve as an infrastructure for all Decentralized Applications on the blockchain network.

Acknowledging the partnership, the CEO of JOYSO, Will Hsieh, in a statement praised Tron blockchain network as a great place for token issuers.

“TRON’s blockchain provides a conducive environment for token issuers where it is affordable and user friendly. This will attract more users to join TRON’s ecosystem and boost its token economy. With our expertise, JOYSO is able to provide a safe and simple solution for exchanging of tokens on different blockchain hence creating a more sustainable network.” Will Hsieh said.

Founded in May 2018 by the CEO of Consensus Innovation Ltd, Tom Soong, the hybrid exchange has so far been able accomplish the preliminary stages for developing a decentralized platform on the Nebulas chain. The platform is named NAS-JOYSO.

Tron’s (TRX) engagement and development in the blockchain industry has so far been excellent. The partnership news is coming after it was recently announced that Tron surpassed Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin in terms of the number of daily transaction volume. BitTorrent and Project Atlas are also part of the significant inroads Tron is making in the industry.

Recently, Tron partnered with tech giant Biadu, and it was later rumored that Tron might soon have alliance with Oracle blockchain.

With all this, it has been envisioned that in spite of whatever the market situation might be, lovers of the Cryptocurrency will always have believe in it.

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