TRON’s Justin Sun Hints $4.57 M Lunch with Warren Buffett Not Coming up in 2019

The CEO of TRON Foundation Justin Sun has hinted that the $4.57 million lunch with investor Warren Buffett will no longer come up in 2019.

The crypto whiz kid made this “disheartening” announcement today while responding to a statement credited to U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang.

Yang, a democratic presidential candidate and an unrepentant cryptocurrency enthusiast, during a debate on Thursday night said he would be sharing $120,000 within a year under his Freedom Divided/ Universal Basic Income promise.

Because Yang wants America to trust themselves more than politicians, the democrat said he’s introducing a freedom dividend of $1,000/month for a complete year to 10 American families.

Buffet Lunch Shifted to 2020

Responding to Yang’s statement, Justin Sun said he would pledge $1,000/month to nothing less than 100 people in 2020.

Afterward, he said he will pick 1 out of them to attend his lunch with Buffett in 2020, an indication the proposed 2019 lunch won’t be possible this year again. However, Justin said he would give Yang the opportunity to select the 100 lucky UBI recipients.

In June, the TRON Foundation’s CEO after inviting some reputable blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to come and influence Warren Buffet into investing in cryptocurrency, postponed the lunch owing to a kidney stone disease.

Afterward, he came online apologizing to the world for over-hyping the Buffett lunch. The apology, made in Chinese language on China’s Weibo social platform, resulted in people claiming Sun was gripped by Chinese authority/regulators.

When Justin Sun presented the opportunity of crypto bigwigs like Litecoin’s Charlie Lee having a lunch with Buffet , the crypto space was in awe to receive the Berkshire Hathaway’s investor.

However, the Warren Buffett’s annual charity lunch won by Justin Sun with $4.57 million donation to the Glide Foundation affected the price of TRON, after TRON Foundation said the event was postponed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin-centric presidential hopeful Yang has been receiving supports from cryptocurrency bigwigs in recent time. The presidential candidate became the first U.S presidential contestant to seek donations in cryptocurrency and promised to achieve regulatory clarity for cryptocurrency.

Justin Sun to Make Bitcoin Hater President Trump Know about Crypto than Anybody

CEO Justin responded to critics berating him for splashing a whooping sum of $4.6 million on an “ordinary” lunch, more importantly with a crypto hater, stating that his action will undoubtedly benefit the whole blockchain industry.

Sun mentioned that his donation to the Glide Foundation, a homeless charity in San Francisco, that’s to grant him an audience with billionaire Warren Buffett, is aimed at convincing the notorious crypto skeptic who once flagged Bitcoin as “rat poison squared.”

Sun said he’s sure Oracle of Omaha doesn’t have adequately knowledge about cryptocurrency, and he’ll use the opportunity to pass on crypto education unto him, and there is a great chance he shows interest afterwards.

The millennial tech savvy hinged forward to turn the table around for another eminent crypto hater, President Donald Trump.

After the president reiterated his dismay for Bitcoin and all that surrounds it in a number of speeches, Justin Sun extended a warm invitation to Donald Trump, asking him to join other crypto who’s who in his private lunch with Warren Buffett.

He said blockchain is the best technology for the United State, but the president has been misled by fake news.

He added that if his invitation could be honored, he’s sure Trump will know about cryptocurrency more than anybody.

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