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TRON’s WINk dApp Games to Go Live on Samsung Smart TV


Justin Sun-backed TRON dApp WINk (WIN), formally know as TRONbet, will soon go live on all Samsung Smart Television, NewsLogical has learnt. A widely shared post on nearly all social platforms reflects that Samsung will soon have provision for the installation of WINK Games on their smart television.

Justin Sun, who also retweeted the post, backed WINk, a crypto game platform housing many games like Rake Poker, Slots, Duel, Moon among others.

The gaming platform runs on TRON blockchain network, giving it the necessary vigor it deserves. The platform has been around for some times now. It was recorded as the first gambling cryptocurrency to get featured on Binance Launchpad.

In June, Binance declared it is beginning the token sales of WINk (WIN). The token sale, according to Binance, followed a lottery style.

The Launchpad Hard Cap was 6 million USD out of a Total Token Supply of 999 billlion WIN. Around 49 billion WIN (5% of Total Token Supply) was allocated to Binance. The public sale token price at the time was 1 WIN to 0.0001201 USD.

As per information from Binance, the seventh token sale, WIN, on the Launchpad was also successful. The whole 49,950,000,000 WIN allocated to Binance were sold on time.

WINk was the first dApp launched on TRON blockchain. The dApp gained wide users to the extent that it is now a network of game housing more than 16,000 players.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of TRON’s WINk dApps on Samsung’s smart TV was made popular after TRON blockchain was integrated with Samsung Blockchain Keystore. What followed afterward was that Justin Sun spoke at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC19) held in San Jose.

During a fire side conversation at the program, founder Justin Sun spoke on the partnership among other things.

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