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VeChain Blockchain Explorer and Sync Ledger Wallet Interface Ready for Launch  


VeChain Foundation continues to reiterate its commitment towards satisfying users as well as supporting community-based development on the VeChainThor Blockchain to have an ecosystem built by all stakeholders.

To uphold its commitment to inclusive building, the VeChain Foundation today declared that it will soon be rolling out its in-house developed VeChain Blockchain Explorer and VeChain Sync Ledger but this time, the organization is not relying on Totient Labs’ developed VeForge Explorer and VeForge Vault for Ledger Wallet.

VeChain said the development was precedented by an “unfortunate” last-minute short update from Totient Labs (a VeChain community startup) today 20 October that it has decided to halt the services it was rendering to VeChain community, These also include services related to Explorer and Vault.

The notice, effect from Monday 21 October, caught VeChain and its community with huge surprise especially amid the series of financial ($100K USD) and physical backings which VeChain foundation gave to Totient Labs on the two projects.

Nevertheless, VeChain will be improvising by reinstating its in-house developed VeChain Official Blockchain Explorer and the VeChain Sync Official Ledger Wallet Interface. The two are to be used to render the same services as VeForge and Vault.

VeChain Official Blockchain Explorer

The blockchain explorer, to be rolled out by the end of November, is designed to offer users richer functions with continuous update and addition almost every time.

Important futures to be included on the explorer are Token Registry and Application Hub, Robust APIs for third parties and VeChain Authority Masternode Dashboard. In the meantime, VeChain Insight will be made available to users as a substitute.

VeChain Sync Official Ledger Wallet interface.

The VeChain official Ledger Wallet interface is a replacement of the VeForge Vault that is at present the main portal and interface on VeChain wallet.

As there is no immediate replacement for the VeForge Vault that is halting operation tomorrow, VeChain Foundation however regrets all forms of temporary inconveniences that may results from the sudden exit of Totient Labs especially on Ledger users who are not going to have access their tokens in the meantime.

VeChain thus assures users that all VET and VIP180 tokens are completely secured in spite of the unprecedented action.

VeChain Foundation, through a release, said its team of experts is now working with the Ledger team to improve the VeChain app on Ledger so that users can be able to access their ledger wallet via VeChain’s official desktop wallet and DApp browser, Sync.

However, Sync is scheduled to go live within two weeks starting from 21 October, 2019.

Despite the unfortunate news, VeChain extends its gratitude to its partner Totient Labs for the diligent addition it introduced into VeChain Ecosystem.

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