VeChain-DNV GL Digital Carbon Ecosystem Launches WeChat Mini Program in China

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The October 2018 partnership between VeChain and DNV GL, on the concept of Digital Carbon Ecosystem, has just birthed the launch of a WeChat Mini Program known as QingTanHui Life in China.

Through it, Digital Carbon Ecosystem (DCE), the first blockchain-based program that incentivises people for protecting the environment, will be exposed to the over one billion WeChat users in China.

DCE has seen the commitment of global enterprises like BYD automobile company, and the mini program will be handing owners of BYD NEV (New Energy Vehicle) an application that makes them cash in on their environmental protection practices, VeChain has said.

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Henceforth, owners of BYD NEV will not only be allowed to monitor their driving performance, but also synchronize their vehicle’s carbon reduction equivalent data by scanning a QR code under BYD Qin, Tang, and Song series.

Through QingTanHui Life Mini Program, carbon reduction data will be accessible on mobile phones and owners will be able to receive rewards (Carbon Credits) accordingly.

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Carbon Credits is a crypto asset that can be exchanged for goods and services from partner organizations of the carbon ecosystem. However, the marketplace used to connect the organizations are yet to go live but will soon be launched.

VeChain’s effort comes in by storing all data related to carbon reduction on VeChainThor Blockchain, while DNV GL will be checking and confirming collected and stored data as well as the whole process design and checkpoints.

QingTanHui Life WeChat Mini Program to See Boost

With the uninterrupted growth rate of the New Energy Vehicle market, as recorded by JP Morgan that electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles will account for about 30% of all vehicle sales in 2025, coupled with the rising need to protect the environment, the Mini Program has the potential of thriving.

VeChain noted that Digital Carbon Ecosystem will in the future initiate more environmental protection companies by drifting into other sectors like recycling of clothes and smart home appliances.

The Mini Program also brings forte a non-blockchain based Carbon Credits – Green Energy, used to reduce carbon in the society by bringing in enterprises and individuals at the early stage.

However, the introduction of QingTanHui Life marks the beginning of Digital Carbon Ecosystem’s mass adoption process.

Vechain, DNV GL and other partners use this means to air their unflinching commitment towards expanding the ecosystem for a better and greener future.

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