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VeChain’s DNV GL Partners Global Marine and Offshore Company SembMarine

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VeChain’s patriotic partner DNV GL has extended its trust and transparency solution into the maritime industry by partnering SembMarine to develop a 3D printing for offshore and marine applications.

Sembcorp Marine, a leading global marine and offshore engineering group behind SembMarine, is now working with DNV GL to endure quality assurance in the construction and repair of its projects.

SembMarine’s 3D printing procedures and specifications received endorsement certificate via the deal, the company confirms. The certification grants Sembcorp Marine the ability to use its 3D printing technology for repair of non-critical parts like exhausted metal sleeves used in pumps, and for fabricating bevel gear sets for machinery applications.

Through the deal, the 3D printing procedures and specifications for components used by SembMarine will be more efficient and reduce supply chain risks.

SembMarine stated that the certification gives it validation, hence, it will no longer need to rely on external procurement. Also, DNV GL technology guarantees Sembcorp Marine sustainability in operations and reduces material wastage.

The President and CEO of the marine company, Wong Weng Sun, said DNV GL helps Sembcorp Marine improve its design and quality as well as mitigate cost and time involved in external procurement.

“The DNV GL certifications help us work towards a 3D printing regime that lets Sembcorp Marine custom-make components”, Weng Sun said.

Wong added that through 3D printing, wider offshore and marine (O&M) sector will become more self-reliant and projects at Sembcorp Marine shipyards will be accelerated.

Aside DNV GL, Sembcorp Marine worked with the likes of Nanyang Technological University and commercial additive manufacturer 3D Metalforge to build the 3D printing for O&M applications.

The South East Asia and Australia Regional Manager at DNV GL, Mr Brice Le Gallo, narrated that the partnership exposed the technical ability of both teams, and the certification will open DNV GL to more partnership in the O&M sector.

“It is very satisfying to award Sembcorp Marine the certifications for the 3D printed parts. I truly believe 3D printing can make a major impact in reducing cost, creating efficiencies and lowering supply chain risks,” Mr Brice said.

In January 2018, DNV GL formed an alliance with VeChain to use blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency of supply chains through improved transparency of product and supplier information.

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