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Verge Core Version 6 to Go Live as Community Awaits Halving

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In the 30th editions of the Vergecurrency weekly update, important developments awaiting release on the network were discussed.

Verge stated that the upcoming Version 6 of the Verge core (Lumos) can now be tested on Github and once properly tested, it can be released.

Published by Full Stack Senior Web developer Swen van Zanten Friday October 26, the development update itemized Verge Core release 6.0, Electrum wallets and the newly created Verge Docker images as three important things to discuss.

Verge stated that after giving Electrum spectrum a reconsideration, it is now working on porting the latest electrumX server.

“This means that you must upgrade your electrum client once it is released. Doing so, you will show you support the new halving schedule,” Verge stated.

On the upgrade of the Electrum wallet, Verge said receiving and showing of transactions, connection to server, creation of wallet and syncing are now working as the project progresses forward to achieving 3 other things.

Verge furthered that it has created a number of Docker Images to setup and renew Wallet Services. The wallet services include a price ticker API, a WhatsMyIP API, a block explorer API and one other.

However, this is happening as the blockchain network awaits its upcoming Hardfork at block 3.7M.

A new member of the Vergecurrency Team under the pseudo name CryptoCuistot gave the hint.

Verge Halving Underway

According to a release published by Vergecurrency on its Medium page, the team behind the blockchain project will be introducing a number of changes to prepare the network for the future as well as maintain the usability and economy of XVG currency.

Verge stated that a planned hardfork tagged ‘new halvings’ is among the changes. The Halving will take place at block 3,700,000, adding four more years for the team to develop a greater network as stated in the diagram below.

Updated Halving schedule according to:

Image Credit: Medium..

Verge asserted that it will subsequently work on developing the V6 structures as well as adding older nodes as outdated peers.

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