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Verge (XVG) Holders Earn Rewards As NetCents Partners ZOMONGO, A Digital Network With Presence in 3.5 Million Hotel Rooms, 22 Major Airports

Price Analysis: Verge (XVG) Recently Performs Better than Bitcoin in Terms of Price Growth, Crosses $0.007 Resistance

NetCents Technology has announced a partnership agreement with ZOMONGO, giving Verge (XVG) holders the opportunity to earn rewards.

ZOMONGO is regarded as one of the fastest growing digital networks in North America region with presence in more than 90,000 ZOMONGO merchant locations, 3.5 million hotel rooms, and 22 major airports, and also an increasing number of social media followers amounting to over 600,000.

According to NetCents, ZOMONGO aims to be the king in the point-of-sale media by giving a well-managed, completely turnkey, digital signage, media/product dissemination, and couponing solution.

The firm, based on the signed agreement, is to employ the NetCents Asset Management System (AMS) as the base technology that manages their new reward token, MONGOrewards.

The deployment of NetCents AMS gives ZOMONGO the advantage to introduce MONGOrewards to their current userbase while doing it in a cheap but reasonable method.

Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCents Technology stated that the aim of NetCents is to “be and provide the underlying technology that enables cryptocurrency transactions to become mainstream by working with innovative companies like ZOMONGO.”

Meanwhile, MONGOrewards is expected to begin this 2019 during the Daytona Speed Week that features the Daytona 500 come February 17, 2019.

In the same line, the Daytona 500 is the distinguished NASCAR celebration of the year. It features more than 100,000 people and over 9.3 million individuals viewing across all platforms.

Also, during the Daytona 500 Speed Week, the firm will be launching the MONGOrewards to its more than 90,000 merchants, multi million users, as well as upcoming NASCAR and other sporting events. The aim of all these is to bring ZOMONGO and MONGOrewards to local communities.

ZOMONGO Rewards Verge (XVG) Holders

Importantly, ZOMONGO has revealed that it will be compensating Verge Currency (XVG) users and merchants that registers for a NetCents account through ZOMONGO with free MONGOrewards tokens.

“The ZOMONGO integration with NetCents is a natural one as it marries the NetCents Platform to ZOMONGO’s powerhouse marketing efforts,” Jarrett Ostrowski, Senior Executive and Spokesperson of Powered by ZOMONGO said, adding that the partnership will give ZOMONGO app the ease of processing crypto transactions giving merchants opportunities to engage their users in different ways.

ZOMONGO, which has previously collaborated with non-charity organisations, car clubs and amateur athletes, has a fortified ecosystem that includes ZOMONGO app and a digital out-of-home Network (DOOH).

ZOMONGO has expanded to the United States, Asia, South America, UK, and EU from its headquarters in Calgary, Canada.

Verge (XVG) Goes Live On Decentralized Exchange Built On Bitshare Blockchain

While listing of a cryptocurrency is sure a development  in adoption wise, it is never too much and neither does it denigrate a cryptoassets.

The caliber of such development arose for Verge (XVG) as a newly established cryptocurrency exchange, DynX, platform announced its support for the privacy oriented cryptocurrency by allowing users to trade the coin on its platform.

As decentralization remains the major focus in the crypto space, the update shoved in another added advantage for Verge (XVG) due to the full decentralized nature of DynX, and the fact that XVG is the second asset listed on the exchange.

Furthermore, Verge (XVG) is tipped of enjoying adoption on the platform before the emergence of other cryptocurrencies particularly with the decentralization offered by the exchange.

DynX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform developed on BitShares blockchain with the possibility of storing and viewing of transactions on the blockchain network.

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