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Verge (XVG)’s Imminent Apple Watch App Brings Relief Amidst Price Slump And Market Bear

For many cryptos in the space, the incessant bear market status has been a pain in their butt, with massive disintegrating effect in their whole scheme and structure. Contrarily, Verge (XVG) has been a resilient coin in the market, shredding off all negative forces in the market with myriads of developments and partnerships.

The new story in the space arrived with much elation for supporters of the altcoin. It was declared in a developmental update that Verge (XVG) would soon go live on the almighty Apple’s much lauded watch.

While stressing on the imminent Verge Apple Watch app, a core member of the Verge Team, Phanti, on his twitter handle said the development is a sign that the team behind the cryptographic project cares more about development than price. Certainly, the developments are also working for the price of the coin.

A preview of the upcoming application has been made available on YouTube.

The deepening situation has truly made countless of coins in the space moribund with the initiation of meagre or no development, as they await crypto comeback. Rather different, Verge continues to roll out series of outstanding developments.

Aside the eminent Pornhub, Verge has got two other top partners (Netcents and TokenPay) that shove in adoptions for XVG from the nooks and cranny of the world. Verge (XVG) also recently unveiled its 5.0 codebase alpha and black paper 5.0 to consolidate its Nakamoto’s Vision in the space.

Undoubtedly, the partnership and development scheme has been working relentlessly for Verge (XVG) in the space, cushioning its price against the bearing market status. In the same lasting bearish market, Verge, while on the upside trend, climbed up the ladder from position 51st to 39th within 3 days as it overthrew 13 coins on the table.

However, musing over the size of Apple Inc in the market and the crowd it commands, the pronunciation of the imminent Verge (XVG) Apple watch application is noticeably an intriguing one for the coins with much expectation on list.

If Verge (XVG) rises up the table with massive price boost in the market in coming days especially after the full official launch of the application, it would surely be a Déjà vu.

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