What Japan Messenger App With 600+ Million Users Will Add To Tron (TRX) After Adoption

The felicitating moment which Tron (TRX) has been experiencing all day seems to be ushered atop again with the news that a giant messenger app company based in japan has initiated the altcoin on its crypto payment platform for trade.

Known as the biggest messenger app in japan, LINE which has more than 600million registered users earlier today launched $10 million dollars corporate token venture fund for blockchain and crypto related startups.

With about 200 million monthly frequent users across the world, the messenger app announced its engagement with the crypto industry by launching an exchange known as BITBOX early this year.

By investing in the blockchain startups through BITBOX, LINE intends to promote the adoption and growth of Cryptocurrency across the world.

Truly enhancing the industry, Line, through BITBOX announced the listing of Tron on its platform for trade at the beginning of the day.

What Is Expected From The Adoption Of Tron (TRX) By The Messenger App

At the early hours of the day, the crypto payment platform owned by LINE displayed its influence by raising TRX up with about 14%, making it surpass IOTA in the market with its market cap.

Musing over the fact that BITBOX and LINE is under the same umbrella, it is possible that sharing of data or users take place between the two companies. If this happens, there is no doubt that the adoption will have a huge positive effect on Tron in the crypto space.

Yesterday, Justin said he met with LINE Tech Plus Director, Edward Lee, the two conversed about LINE’s finance 2.0 service, and their intention to make BITBOX links millions of users all over the world.

Similarly, with the latest surge experience by the altcoin after the listing, it is envisioned that one of the aim of the altcoin which is the long eyed 6th position may soon come to realization as it adds to its market cap.

After a clear observation of Tron’s scenario in the space yesterday, which was ushered with the latest market boom, many have opined that the altcoin is a real opportunist of the market turn around.

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