Bitcoin Price Analysis

Wilful Disregard of Bitcoin Stimulates Short Positions in Asset

Charlie Lee Taunts Bitcoiners that Surface in Conference with Faketoshi

The cryptocurrency market is seeing a moderate increase. The most liquid instruments have grown in price against the average trading volume since Monday. The market capitalization indicator has grown by 3% and its value is now $ 254 billion.

Most of the coins from the top-10 rating demonstrate growth. The maximum rate was recorded in Bitcoin SV (+5.97% per day).

Meanwhile, the crypto community urges people who are still not owners of digital assets to pay attention to this new financial instrument.

According to some users, the disregard of Bitcoin stimulates short positions in the asset.

The confidence that investment in BTC is profitable was demonstrated by a well-known cryptocurrency analyst by the name PlanB. According to a chart that compares the value of cryptocurrency to ounces of gold, Bitcoin has risen by 6 ounces and is predicted to soon reach 60.

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano did not miss the opportunity to draw the attention of the famous Bitcoin critic, president of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. Peter Schiff. Note that the latter is confident in the negative impact of the release of Chinese cryptocurrency on the movement of the BTC rate.

Recall that China’s cryptocurrency, presumably, will be a stablecoin tied to the yuan exchange rate. The national currency of China, in turn, is backed by gold.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

In the meantime, an attempt to break through the upper boundary of the consolidation at the level of $9400 was unsuccessful. Within just a few hours, BTC/USD turned back to the trading range. The volatility has decreased to its average values, and over the past week there has been a slight upward trend. Therefore, from a technical point of view, the strategy has not change.

bitcoin analysis

Source: TradingView

If BTC/USD can confidently move above the $9400 level in the coming hours, it will be possible to consider a share of the coin as in the speculative portfolio.

At the same time, in the current situation, progressive upward movement is more likely, hence an open position may be opened even now, with some lead before the move occurs.

Against the backdrop of discussions about the future of BTC, the Bloomberg team gave another forecast for the future movement of the digital asset. Recall, NewsLogical recently published an article that argues in favor of the fact that in 2017 a single “whale” manipulated the cryptocurrency rate. Participants in the crypto community criticized the material.

The new Bloomberg post also did not go unnoticed. Commentators noted that the position of the indicator, which is presented to the media as a signal to reduce prices, in fact, according to the rules of technical analysis, indicates an approximation of BTC growth.

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