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XRP Wallet “One Percenter” Needs to Hold a Little over 70K

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According to the XRP Stats website to be a “one percenter” the user’s wallet needs to hold 70,079 XRP. This equals about $ 20,000 at the current rate of the token.

At the same time, the website introduces the next figures:

  •  0.5% holds 137,081 XRP;
  • 0.1% holds 723,458 XRP;
  • 0.01% holds 15,807,085 XRP.

If we look at the balance range by a number of accounts, we can conclude that approximately 1% of owners include 3,000 XRP wallets. And only 9 wallets own 1,000,000,000 XRP or more.

Note, that among the largest owners of XRP there are Ripple and multicurrency wallets that contain the funds of many individual investors. The actual number will be significantly lower.

The XRP token is in demand for the reason that it is one of the most attractive for investors. Let’s talk about the reasons.

Ripple is a real-life company that developed and launched a blockchain firm and later launched a decentralized crypto XRP.

Everyone perfectly understands who is behind this cryptocurrency. It is important to understand that all Ripple statements about the independence of the XRP cryptocurrency are dictated by the fear that the SEC will punish the company if it’s finally realized that XRP is a security. However, regulators from other countries are maintaining that XRP is not a security.

The second important point is the low price of one token. Many investors are confident that the cheaper an asset is today, the more expensive it will become tomorrow. Everyone favors XXX to receive them with a minimum amount of initial investment. Also, pure psychology takes place, because for $10 we can buy too many Ripples or just a hundredth of Bitcoin.

$1000 For XRP?

Let’s consider the XRP rate in the future. Typically, this is nothing more than our assumption and this is by no means a financial recommendation.

So, all the pros and cons of the Ripple cryptocurrency do not make it too special but it can be placed the second crypto following Bitcoin. Therefore, do not exclude the price of $5, $10 and maybe even $ 20 per token, in the case of a new native on the cryptocurrency market. Everything will depend on how far Bitcoin rises.

But waiting for $1,000 for one XRP, as some analysts promise, is not worth it, because it will be better for everyone. Let’s take a look at XRP emissions.

To date, there are 43 billion tokens on the market, and the remaining 57 billion should be frozen and enter the market gradually. But some researchers state that these tokens have long been set free and can be put into circulation at any time.

At the same time, others found out that Ripple is distributing cryptocurrency to its partners for a reason. Nowadays companies sign an agreement on the impossibility of selling within a certain period. According to them, the real market proposal of XRP tokens is about 2 times less than the declared one.

It turns out that no one knows how many Ripple tokens are in circulation, but in theory, sooner or later, all 100 billion XRP will reach the market. Now, let’s just multiply $ 100 billion by $1,000 and get a possible XRP market capitalization of $100 trillion. And this, for a moment, is not much less than all the money in the world.

Disclaimer: Our writers invest in cryptocurrencies and it is possible the author of this article has investment in any of the digital currencies discussed. Some times author's presented information may be laced with opinions. Treat articles as mere information and not as financial advice.

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