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‘You Cannot Accept Fiat Payments through Us’ –Alipay Responds to Binance

CZ cautions Traders as Binance Lutures' Leverage Rises to 125x

Alipay has said it is impossible for Binance to accept fiat payment through its platform. The Chinese-based payment solution hastily responded to the claim made by the Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Wednesday.

The payment solution in a series of tweets threatened to close down any account related to bitcoin or other virtual currencies.

Yesterday, NewsLogical reported that Binance claimed it is now accepting fiat through Alipay and WeChat, a development that makes the exchange opened a peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto transactions for Chinese residents.

The declaration succeeded an earlier announcement in September that Binance is planning to create an over-the-counter (OTC) trade option.

Binance, in the early hours of yesterday, announced it launched a P2P trading in China, a move that gives over 1.4 billion Chinese people access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Although, CZ clarified that Binance is not working with WeChat or Alipay directly, it is not clear what solution the exchange is linking with, now that Alipay has denied the possibility of Binance using the payment solution.

Cryptocurrency trading is illegal in China and financial solutions in the country do not welcome crypto trading.

Here’s How to Earn 1000 BTC without Trading on Binance Exchange

About 4 days ago, Binance exchange reached its teeming followers to inquire if they have any idea on how to accrue about 1000 BTC on the cryptocurrency exchange without trading any form of digital token.

Actually, this costly hint can be seen as a strategy implored by the exchange to increase its reach, but earning such amount of Bitcoin legitimately without day to day trading or getting involved in hacking activities is worth trying.

Binance exchange revealed the hint though, and it’s all about the number of referrals a user could garner, which would be followed by commissions or rewards in BTC.

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